GlowSoft PRO - Remove hair painlessly!

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With GlowSoft Pro it is very easy to remove unwanted hair painlessly.

The active surface of GlowSoft Pro is covered with small crystals. These crystal surfaces help pluck the hairs from the roots by rotary movements, leaving the skin looking soft and slightly fair, as if freshly exfoliated.
-  Gentle, easy and painless hair removal, works purely mechanically without any chemical additives!
-  Year-end sale - Get 4 Glowsoft for just Rs. 699!
 - Unlike shaving, this product allows you to apply lotion after exfoliating without any stinging sensation or discomfort.
- The pads are washable and can be used for multiple times.
- It doesn’t contain any chemicals so you won’t have to deal with an unusual smell.
- It is safe for the upper lip, legs, forearms, upper lip, chin, bikini line, sensitive areas, and basically anywhere you have unwanted hair.

 - You can just simply rub it around your unwanted hair area and the hair will be removed instantly without you feeling itchy and uncomfortable.


  • Simply make small rotations with the pad in one direction for about 5 or 6 times while applying moderate pressure to your skin to get Smooth, hairless skin!


  • 1 travel case
  • 1 large back-pad
  • 1 small back-pad
  • 4 Large Flex-Crystal Replacement Pads
  • 4 small Flex-crystal Replacement pads.
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