VDS CUTLYO - The Foldable Cutting Board

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The Ideal Solution To Small Kitchens And Crowded Cabinet

Multi-Board CUTLYO™

The Multi-Board CUTLYO™ can be used as a cutting board after folding or vegetable washing basket and drain basket after opening. Integrated plug and drainer, simply twist plug to drain water.

Multi-Board CUTLYO™


This innovative and lightweight bucket is designed for easy storage and carrying that can be expanded and collapsed to 1/3 (less than 1.5 inches) of its original height for compact storage.


Multi Board CUTLYO™

Key Features

✔️ Transformable. this kitchen wonder converts into two different tools for meal prepping: a chopping board and a wash tub. 

✔️ Food-Grade. made of quality B material that's safe for all types of food. 

✔️ Durable. the material is resistant to cracking and deformity.

✔️ Tub Mode. the wash tub may also be used as a container for fresh produce, as an ice bowl, and a draining basket for dishes. 

✔️ Portable. a versatile kitchen tool you can bring along to a party, picnic, camp out, outdoor BBQ, and more.


  • Material: PP + TPR plastic
  • Weight: 630g
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