ClearEar PRO

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ClearEar PRO is a great quality ear wax remover or ear cleaning device. It is effective and safe to use. Instead of painfully dragging out dirt, it serves as the healthy alternative for cleaning your ears and helps in sucking out all the dirt particles. It is powered by examining light at the tip to easily reach the ear wax. The gentle suction draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear canal. The unique safety guide prevents the tip from entering too far inside the ear canal.The ear cleaning device is very easy to use and is most important safer than any other ear cleaning process. It's cordless design makes it convenient for traveling.


Features and Benefits:

  • For Safe and easy ear cleaning
  • Healthy alternative to clean your delicate ears canals
  • Small in size and convenient to use
  • The device is powered with examining light at the tip for fast cleanup of ears.
  • Its Ergonomic design provides slip free grip.
  • No wires attached. Vaccuclear is completely wireless.
  • Provided with examining light on tip for utmost ease.
  • It works efficiently and renders quite method of cleaning ears.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Enhances your Experience.
  • Safe to use.

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